10 Signs That Your Home Needs a Makeover

Any homeowner knows that their home needs regular maintenance and makeovers in order to properly weather the years. Repairing your home is different to giving your home a makeover. Annual repairs are needed to strengthen the structure as well as ensure that it doesn’t suffer too much damage bu;t giving a makeover usually pertains to […]

How to Make Use of Leftover Paint around the House

Getting work done in your home can mean that you have some extra materials left around the home. This can be extremely troubling, particularly if you have a gallon or two of bright paint just lying around the house. In some cases, it might not even be a gallon; it could be a small amount […]

13 Common Paint Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

You might think that painting a room is easy and simple once you take the time to prepare the room. Despite this preparation though, there can be some mistakes which can sprout up with ease. The good news is that many of them are rookie mistakes which can be easily avoided.Unfortunately, if you don’t know […]

Some Tips for Painting the Interior and Exterior of your House

As committed as you might be to the DIY cause, painting your house is a daunting task. It’s a ton of work, it can be stressful, and you’ll be exhausted at the end of each day. That’s why it’s important that you steel yourself beforehand, and remain steadfast throughout. The work will be long and hard, […]

13 Things You Should Know About Painting the Interior and Exterior of Your House

Painting your house from top to bottom can be very challenging. Like any home renovation, even painting will mean having to disrupt your home life a bit in order to get the job done in time. However, apart from making room for this aspect, you have to also take a few other factors in consideration. […]

Choosing Paints for the House: A Comprehensive Guide

The prospect of painting the interior of your home can be a daunting one. Where does one start? What colors would look best in the different rooms? No wonder that it can seem like such a stress-laden job. But there’s another side to interior painting that you should tap into, and that’s sheer excitement and joy. […]

Does pollen season in Georgia affect exterior painting or deck staining?

Does pollen season in Georgia affect exterior painting or deck staining?Over the past 11 years we’ve had more than a couple of high pollen seasons around metro Atlanta GA. The question we get asked the most before spring season is, “Does the pollen affect exterior painting?” or “Can you stain our deck during pollen season?” Not […]

Choosing The 2016 Exterior Paint Colors That Are In Trend

Choosing The 2016 Exterior Paint Colors That Are In Trend Finding the right exterior paint color for your home can be daunting when there are thousands to choose from. One Man and A Brush is the premier painter in the Woodstock, Georgia area who offers great advice on choosing your home’s exterior paint color when […]

SW 7008 Alabaster, The Groovy New 2016 Paint Color Of The Year

SW 7008 Alabaster, The Groovy New 2016 Paint Color Of The Year One Man And A Brush would like to share information about the new color of the year, Alabaster, from Sherwin Williams. 2016 brings in a new paint color designated as the color of the year by Sherwin Williams -SW 7008 Alabaster. This calming […]

The Cost of NOT PAINTING Your Home

The Cost of NOT PAINTING Your Home House painting without question results in a remarkable transformation of your home. A quality house painting job delivers a timeless aesthetic appeal that boosts market value and adds a beautiful curb appeal to your newly painted home. The realities of not house painting results in a lackluster curb […]

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